20210109 Testing session results

Amateur Radio, Testing

Thanks to the VE Team Richard Hall K7RLH, Anthony Hall WW4TCH, Lannie Godwin KK4QEF, Mark Gibson N4MQU, Glenn Taylor NC4KG for Giving their time to conduct the exam.  

We have two new amateur radio technicians to announce. and two new upgrades. Anthony Doura KO4KTZ and Dennis Maher KO4KUA. Be sure to welcome them to the amateur radio ranks as you hear them on the air.

Stanley Disbrow, JR  WA2KQY upgraded to Extra, and Yang LU upgraded to General. 

Our next exam is February 6, 2021. Registration required registration. We will continue to support testing on the first Saturday of the month except in July.  We will conduct the exam on the second Saturday.  

2021 FCVET Statistics

9 Applicants 5 Technicians 3 Generals 1 Extra. 

We saved our applicants $135 this year


Dennis Maher KO4KUA


Stanley Disbrow JR WA2KQY upgraded to extra

Yang LU KO4JZQ Upgraded to General

20210102 Testing Session results

Amateur Radio, Testing

We welcome, Kent Mahoney KO4KPR, Crystal Suazo KO4KPS, and Donald Shuffler, JR KO4KPT to the amateur radio hobby. Kent made it all the way to General. As you hear them on the radio be sure to welcome them to the amateur radio community. We also welcome James Crawford Jr KO4JZR to the general class.

Passed his technician and general class exam at FCVET at no charge.

Passed a no charge exam from FCVET