FCHRE Net Preamble

Amateur Radio, Net

Calling the Five County ham radio net Calling the Five County Ham radio net. The purpose of this net is to promote amateur radio activity among ham radio operators. This net is directed meaning to go thru the net control station to address your traffic to another party. If there is any emergency traffic break into the net by saying emergency traffic and your call.
Do we have any net announcements of interest to the ham radio community this is (Your Call Sign)
The topic of the net is fluid meaning it can be checkin driven. If you have any topic of interest to the ham radio or other hobbies you may bring it up. Net control may restrict any topic and topics must be compliant with the repeater trustee and fcc regulations.
I will stand by for stations to checkin by the first letter of your suffix
Stations Alpha – Gulf
Stations Hotel – November
Stations October -Zulo
Do we have any echolink stations wishing to check in